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SRI ANNAI ENTERPRISES introduce us as a scrap buyer dealing with all kinds of scrap. Our company maintains an inventory of all types of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous scrap. Especially we buy all types of  Metal Scrap like Copper, Brass, Aluminium, MS, TMT Bar, HMS, Magnet, Lead, Zinc, MS punch, CR Punch, Copper Boring, SS boring, MS Boring, Aluminium Boring, Batteries, Diesel Generator, Transformers, Panel Boards, Motors, Commercial UPS, Commercial AC, ATM Machines, Cell Phone Tower Antenna Dismantling, Armatures, Stator, IT Office Assets, Plastic and MS Barrels, Cans, Companies / Factory Assorted Rubbish, Cables, SMPS, Silver & Copper Coated Aluminium, Used Oils, Monitor, Printer, CPU, Keyboards, Mouse, Laptop, Hard Disk, Cell Phone, STB, LNB, Home Appliances all type of Electrical & Electronic items, Wooden Pallets, Plastic Pallets, Corrugated Boxes, Confidential Documents, Bank Records & Papers Shredder,Etc.. READ MORE

  • Quality & Service

    Ferrous & Non-Ferrous

    Aluminium Scrap
    Brass Scrap
    Copper Scrap
    Iron Scrap
    Lead Scrap
    Stainless steel Scrap
    Tungsten Scrap
    Zinc Scrap

  • Quality & Service

    Corrugated, Papers & Shredders

    Carton Box Scrap
    Core Scrap
    Cement & Rabia Bag Scrap
    White Records Scrap
    Colour Paper Scrap
    News Paper Scrap
    Bank Records Scrap Shredding
    Confidential Documents Scrap Shredding

  • Quality & Service

    Electrical & Electronics Scrap

    Diesel Generator’s Working
    Motors Scrap
    Transformer’s Working
    UPS & Invertor Scrap
    Desktop & Laptop Scrap
    Set Top Box & Accessories Scrap
    Panel Boards Scrap
    Commercial AC Units

Who we are...

The proprietor of the company aims to establish SAE as the major buyer of AtoZ scrap in southern states. Continued expansion of SAE’s scrap processing capacity will be combined with projected growth in the trading of recyclable material.

A determination exists within the company to maintain current high standards of customer service and product quality assurance. Over the previous 2 to 3 years, we have seen a sustained increase in the amount of scrap purchased from our regular suppliers and New Suppliers.


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