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SRI ANNAI ENTERPRISES introduce us as a scrap buyer dealing with all kinds of waste and scrap. Our company maintains an inventory of all types of scrap. Especially we buy all types of Plastic scraps Thermocole, Wooden Pallets, Iron Pallets,  Corrugated Waste, PP, LDPE, HDPE, LLD & HMS, HABS, ABS,  MS punch, SS boaring & Punch, Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Magnet, Lead Dross, PCB Boards all type of Electronic items, Modem for the purchased goods, we will arrange the transportation on our own.

We also perform toll work and warehousing. The core business of the company is primarily the purchasing of a vide variety of plastic waste and other scrap from most of the reputed companies throughout India.


  • Quality & Service

    Leading Scrap Buyer

    Sri Annai Enterprises has been proven to pay up to 15% higher than our competitors. Are you selling scrap metal in India? Our buyers are able to come to you and buy your company's scrap metal on-site.

    There is no need to spend money transporting what you want to sell. Our scrap metal buyers and industrial metal buyers offer free scrap metal, scrap iron pickup services nationwide.

  • Quality & Service

    Do Something with Your Scrap

    Dispose of all your scrap metal and turn a profit when you sell it to Sri Annai Enterprises. We purchase a wide array of metals, ranging from brass and copper electric wire to aluminum, stainless steel, and carbide and just about all types of machine recycling.

    You'll receive cash on the spot for all your junk metal and cars. Don't wait—contact us today to get cold, hard cash for your scrap recylcing.

  • Quality & Service

    Good Money for Your Scrap Metal

    Our clients are not just one-time customers. Chicago Scrap Metal Buyers strives to achieve solid, long-term relationships by offering the best service and lucrative scrap management programs.

    Our partners know we give top value for their metal because our prices are based on active commodity markets. Take advantage of our straight-up pricing structures.

Who we are...

Sri Annai Enterprises is a scrap buyer. We concentrate on buying and recycling scrap metal. We have competitive scrap metal prices and services for buying industrial scrap metals. A & R Recycling Company can ensure you that as long as we are on your side, we will take care of your scrap metal disposal needs. As professional scrap metal buyers, we take care of our clients. For a list of scrap metal prices or scrap metals we buy, please see scrap metals we buy or for scrap metal prices. We are a non ferrous & ferrous scrap metal buyer.

We have the ability to purchase a wide variety of recyclable material. The main criteria we require apply to all grades of material in that. Material must be clean and dry. We can securely package material in an easily transportable form i.e. baled or bagged. Our company has the ability to take whatever the quantity, which you have in hand.

SAE is interested to purchase baled natural milk bottles, milk covers, baled pet bottles, baled mixed plastic films, and baled woven plastic, dumpy bags which have already been sorted / picked from the mixed bottle waste stream.

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